Facebook & Instagram Training​

This workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of Facebook Advertising and the endless possibilities it offers.

Introduction to Facebook Ads

  • The history of Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Where do ads appear?
  • How does it work?
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Tracking & Pixels

  • Why are pixels important?
  • The different types of Facebook pixel
  • Pixel implementation via Google Tag Manager
  • Checking pixel performance

Developing Your Strategy

  • Translating business objectives into measurable goals
  • Campaign Structures – what, when and why
  • Competitor research

Audience Setup

  • Audience research and development
  • Custom audiences
  • Customer Match
  • Lookalike audiences
  • 10 must have audience lists
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Account Structure & Setup

  • The paid social funnel
  • Campaign Objectives
  • Campaign and Ad Set Structures
  • Naming conventions
  • Ad formats
  • Sequential Advertising
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Performance & Optimisation

  • Optimising and expanding campaigns
  • Mobile vs Desktop performance
  • Dissecting and breaking down performance metrics
  • Roadmaps for optimal success
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  • Report Editor
  • Attribution Models
  • Facebook Ads vs Google Analytics

About this Course

This course is designed for people who are just starting out with Facebook advertising or have been setting up campaigns but are not confident they are running as best they could be.

What Our Attendees Say

“Sam has been our favourite trainer bar none! The strategic thinking coupled with the practical implementation she has taught us has transformed how we approach PPC and opened our eyes to the advanced strategies and tactics we can employ for our clients. Our PPC and Paid Social offering is stronger thanks to her input.”
gareth testimonial
Gareth Hoyle
Marketing Signals
"I did my best to methodically work through the learning from your fantastic course. Since then our revenue is up 600% on the same period last year and our RLSA remarketing is up 1400% on the same period last year! We have expanded from UK-only to now having campaigns running in the USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, India and Canada."
Sarah Fenwick
Atom Retro
"Sam carried out a full day training session for our team at Aira and the feedback from them has been amazing. Despite the team already knowing a fair amount about Paid Media, they came away with new ideas and knowledge, one of the team saying it was the most valuable PPC training they’d experienced so far."
Paddy Moogan
Aira Digital

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