Paid Media Auditing

Our auditing offering can help you uncover gaps in the management and performance of your PPC and Paid Social campaigns.

A fresh pair of eyes on campaigns

Uncover gaps and improve the return

Over the years we have helped a variety of different brands and agencies uncover gaps in the management and performance of their paid media campaigns using our auditing service. Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes to look over the accounts and uncover areas for improvement that will drive additional revenue for the business.

gaps in performance

what can our audit service do for you?


Do you need our help?

Businesses will usually ask for our help for one of these reasons:

  • The account has been managed by the same team for a while and they want to see if any essential optimisation tactics are being missed
  • They are looking to up-skill their internal teams and want to use an audit to uncover the areas for training 
  • With the ever changing Paid Media landscape, they want to see whether they are missing any strategies that they should be utilising
  • Before taking the jump to use our paid media management service, they want to see how we approach things before committing

Which platforms do we work with?

google ads
bing ads
facebook ads
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auditing expectations

What to expect...

You will be presented with a 100+ slide deck summarising everything we have audited with detailed action points for areas that need improving.

  1. Campaign Structure, setup and targeting
  2. Budgets
  3. Wasted spend
  4. Ad text
  5. Optimisation
  6. Keyword or audience targeting
  7. Bidding strategies
  8. Historic performance review
  9. Missed opportunities and strategies
  10. Tracking and attribution

What Our Customers Say

“The Google Ads audit was meticulous in its attention to detail and had clear actions for us to undertake in order to improve our account’s performance and ROI. We were impressed with the audit’s findings and Biddable Moments thorough approach to explaining the impacts and opportunities of optimising specific facets of our account."
joe lineker
Joe Lineker
University of Southampton
"We felt that our PPC strategy needed to be nurtured in a way that allowed us to be cleverer with our allocated budgets. We wanted to increase impressions, but also maintain our great ROI. We decided to partner with Biddable moments after discussing the pitfalls and positives of our existing campaigns and strategised our future digital marketing efforts."
josh richardson
Josh Richardson
Roland Mouret
“I was extremely pleased with the quality and structure of Sam’s PPC account review that she executed for us. We got a set of very clear & actionable insights that we were able get implemented easily and efficiently. Sam was professional and pleasant to deal with throughout the process and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to peers.”
jack testimonial
Jack Stevens
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